Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New and Improved! Email, Twitter & Facebook Notifications!

Get daily updates of the events of the day,

sign up here for email:   http://LinkPl.us/TodaysEventsActivate313

follow here Twitter@Activate313

or on Facebook:Activate313

This was made possible by several fabulous entities!

First, we won a grant from The Buck Dinner !!! Yay! Yes they are great.

Secondly, while working on MWRO.org, Sylvia suggested to Rich that he might want to help Activate! 313.  And waaa-la, he did want to help!

At first we talked about a mobile app (but really this site looks GREAT on the landscape view on a mobile phone).  Then we talked about getting into the guts of the website to push events out daily.  Rich tried that route but ran into too many obstacles.  So he ended up manipulating the RSS / ATOM feed to pump out daily events to facebook, twitter, and to a daily email!!!

Please check out Rich's other project:  Detroit City Central - your home for Detroit social justice news.

Here is a picture of our meetup in Western Michigan tonight!!  Rich, Lindsay and Mark.