Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hello World

Today I start off on a path of a community calendar.  I have been wanting this for almost two decades. Nearly a decade ago I convened an open space meeting on Community Calendaring in Portland, Oregon.  A year or two after that, an amazing group of folks came out with Calagator, a great local tech calendar.  I am sorta proud that my name is in the list of people who worked on the project, although I admit I don't recollect what exactly it might have been, general ideas for sure.

Within the last month I discovered and am thrilled.  They have taken the open source code for Calagator and turned it into ActivateHub - and it is pretty cool and very sleek.  Their business model is to gift ActivateHub's to cities while charging other businesses & non-profit organizations. I like the concept.

I am pleased to be working on this, hope you will like it and join in whenever you want.

Best,  Mark Dilley